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elbow room

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelbow roomelbow roomenough space in which to move easily There’s more elbow room in the restaurant since they extended it. elbow
Examples from the Corpus
elbow roomGive each elbow room to display its fronds.There was enough elbow room in this gargantuan aquarium for all kinds of surprises to emerge.They stood in the crowd, fighting for elbow room.Oh come, you must leave even me a little elbow room in which to breathe.In October the museums and art galleries are less crowded, and there's more elbow room in restaurants.Let's sit in a booth. There's more elbow room there.The little clearing was shielded from the street by the laurels, and afforded him plenty of elbow room.It can change the climate enough to give people elbow room to do the right things.Packed three or four to a closet-sized room, students can come to envy the elbow room afforded sardines and cosmonauts.Mr. Illsley Where would Nottinghamshire county council find the elbow room to which the hon. Gentleman referred?The belt provides vast material resources, vast amounts of solar power, and vast elbow room.
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