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electrice‧lec‧tric /ɪˈlektrɪk/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective  1 guitar.jpg TEEneeding electricity to work, produced by electricity, or used for carrying electricityelectric light/kettle/cooker etc the heat from a small electric fireelectric current/power/charge (=a flow of electricity) an electric blanket (=one with electric wires in it, used for making a bed warm)2 EXCITEDmaking people feel very excited The atmosphere in the courtroom was electric.THESAURUSelectric used about something that works using electricityan electric kettleIs your cooker electric or gas?electrical used about things in general that use electricity, or people whose job is to make or repair these thingsa company manufacturing electrical goodsan electrical engineerelectronic used about equipment such as computers and televisions that work by using extremely small electrical parts, or about systems that work using computersMost kids love electronic games.Email is the short word for electronic mail.
Examples from the Corpus
electricThere was an almost electric atmosphere in the stadium.an electric cableAh, yes: Maxwell showed that oscillating an electric charge is just the mechanism that causes light waves to be produced.In 1996 the coalition surveyed 300 gas and electric company CEOs.At the front of the church, Emerson Seabreeze electric fans on wheeled stands faced the congregation.The cabin has an electric heater.Noise level was about average for an electric machine, certainly quieter than petrol-driven models.All are supplied in either gas or electric models.Is the stove electric or gas?an electric shockelectric light/kettle/cooker etcHe had charm, and he could turn it on and off like an electric light.She was impressed to see they had electric light.We decided to install a wooden floor and electric lights.I've got electric light and hot water.Travellers very often notice that electric light and trams are brought into streets which as yet have no houses.There were electric lights burning at the entryway.She had not noticed Amy filling and plugging in an electric kettle, but it was singing efficiently next to the cooker.Yawning freely, he filled the electric kettle with water and switched it on.atmosphere ... electricWhen we are together the atmosphere is electric.The atmosphere is electric, alive with the hopes and emotions of an ancient, stateless people.The atmosphere was electric with anticipation and unbreathable with cigar smoke.
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