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electricse‧lec‧trics /ɪˈlektrɪks/ noun [plural]  British EnglishTEE the parts of a machine that use electrical power
Examples from the Corpus
electricsIt's all chemicals and electrics, in essence.Unlike the Shildon display five years earlier, diesels and electrics were included.You can do everything from digging the foundations building the walls and putting in the plumbing and electrics.And research on pure electrics powered by exotic new battery systems is promising.Firstly, he arrived in the guise of a brewery representative come to check the electrics.This was a great time for the electrics to play up.The problem was that a shower had leaked into the electrics and all the dressing rooms and backstage were in darkness.Buckingham used his Takamine for a lot of the acoustic parts, but various electrics and other acoustic guitars were also employed.
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