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electron microscope

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelectron microscopeeˌlectron ˈmicroscope noun [countable]  a very powerful microscope (=scientific instrument used for looking at small objects) that uses electrons instead of light to make things look larger
Examples from the Corpus
electron microscopeThe technique has been extensively used to study vibrations associated with surfaces and thin film samples, usually in an electron microscope.Richman then took the tissues to an electron microscope, which offers powers of magnification great enough to see viruses themselves.Although small, these single crystals can be studied using an electron microscope.Specialist image analysis equipment for light and electron microscope images also require interfacing with powerful computers.Fantastic electron microscope images of objects looking very suggestively like fossilized living forms again captured the imagination of the world.Then came that great morning when the newly made electron microscope had been used on polio slides.When the sheet is examined in the electron microscope filaments are seen to be localized at the upper surface.
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