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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelegantel‧e‧gant /ˈeləɡənt/ ●●○ adjective  1 BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGGRACEFULbeautiful, attractive, or graceful a tall, elegant young woman You can dine in elegant surroundings.2 EASYan idea or a plan that is elegant is very intelligent yet simple an elegant solution to the problemelegantly adverbelegance noun [uncountable] the style and elegance of the designs
Examples from the Corpus
elegantShe has to be funny, touching and innately elegant.My first impression of the hull above my head was how elegant and how travel-worn it looked.The house was elegant and well kept.All the dancers looked so elegant as they moved slowly round the room.She was wearing an elegant black suit.Jody manages to look elegant, even in a simple pantsuit.The elegant figure of Mr Reed appeared in the doorway.Tilney arrives with his sister, a more reserved and elegant girl than Isabella.elegant handwritingWe first met him at an elegant hotel in the uptown district of Manhattan.He was a tall, elegant man, silver-haired and beautifully dressed.Her good looks and confident, elegant manner made her the centre of attention.The plain black dress set off her elegant neck.She was wearing her favourite yellow linen dress and pretty cream high-heeled shoes with Jim's pearls gleaming against her elegant neck.Vienna is a city of grand public buildings and elegant private ones.Furnished to a very high standard, large elegant Restaurant with extensive menus.an elegant rosewood dining tableLudens also noticed her small feet, clad in expensive discreetly elegant shoes.an elegant solutionShe had captured his father by promising an elegant uncluttered lifestyle very different from the neglected unhappy home he had come from.An elegant young woman sat at the next table, sipping a cocktail.elegant surroundingsThe Consort Select menu and elegant surroundings.The management prides itself on offering comfortable accommodation in elegant surroundings, and puts an emphasis on providing excellent service.That's the unanimous verdict of shoppers who are impressed by the elegant surroundings, high quality shops and first rate service.
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