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element of surprise/truth/risk/doubt etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelement of surprise/truth/risk/doubt etcelement of surprise/truth/risk/doubt etcPARTan amount, usually small, of a quality or feeling There is an element of truth in your argument. element
Examples from the Corpus
element of surprise/truth/risk/doubt etcThere is an element of truth in all of these.It contains a major element of truth, even if it is not precisely the truth which its originators intended.Web browsers, once limited to displaying text and graphics and downloading files, have created an entirely new element of risk.I like the element of risk.What I do is count on the element of surprise.If Weaver had been watching as Liz Spalding had been smuggled into the house, then the element of surprise was lost.The element of risk gave it an added excitement.There were elements of truth in this critique, Jim supposed.
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