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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelementalel‧e‧men‧tal /ˌeləˈmentl◂/ adjective  1 BASICsimple, basic, and important Love and fear are two of the most elemental human emotions.2 technicalHCE existing as a simple chemical element that has not been combined with anything else elemental sulphur
Examples from the Corpus
elementalThe unique features for elemental analysis are the direct monitoring of surface hydrogen and the extreme sensitivity to the outermost atomic layers.elemental carbonThey were also closely related, if not to the survival, at least to the elemental comforts of man.Twenty two patients were randomised to receive elemental diet and 20 to receive prednisolone.He was referred in 1984 and had a full clinical remission with elemental diet and began single food reintroductions.Earlier relapse after elemental diet treatment has also been noted in paediatric patients.He was seized by an elemental hunger but made himself eat slowly.The air filled with the strong scent of herbs being burned to discourage elemental spirits.When you reduce some-thing to its most elemental state, its nuclear core, you can generalize from there.
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