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elevatorel‧e‧va‧tor /ˈeləveɪtə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable]  1 American EnglishTB a machine that takes people and goods from one level to another in a building syn lift British English We’ll have to take the elevator.2 TIa machine with a moving belt and containers, used for lifting grain and liquids, or for taking things off ships
Examples from the Corpus
elevatorIt was like being in an elevator which suddenly drops from the top of a twenty storey building to the basement.I climb aboard Moosha and suddenly get the sensation that the express elevator is going right through the roof.People were trapped in elevators, businesses closed early, and schools sent students home.An old plough disc forms a foot and oil comes from the harvester's elevator motor drive.He backed away towards the nook beside the elevator, where he kept his gun, but the stranger was too quick.Despite pulling the elevator back and the aeroplane changing attitude, it carried on, sinking fast.I rushed to the elevator and down to the art gallery, dreading that..You just walk down this corridor and around these elevators to the bank on the far side.
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