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ElizabethanE‧liz‧a‧be‧than /ɪˌlɪzəˈbiːθən◂/ adjective  SHrelating to the period 1558–1603 when Elizabeth I was queen of England Elizabethan dramaElizabethan noun [countable] The Earl of Essex was a famous Elizabethan.
Examples from the Corpus
ElizabethanPart of the present farmhouse is Elizabethan.The second Elizabethan Age had slumped into depression.This should have been plainly ridiculous to the Elizabethan audience.The position of Spenser's Elizabethan gentleman is revealed to be a precarious one.Mainly Elizabethan house with walls of Norman Castle.Shakespeare wrote Elizabethan profanity into his plays.In the longer term, it was Reformed rather than Lutheran theology that came to dominate Elizabethan Protestantism.
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