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ellipseel‧lipse /ɪˈlɪps/ noun [countable]  CFa curved shape like a circle, but with two slightly longer and flatter sidesoval
Examples from the Corpus
ellipseWhereas in an ellipse m + n constant, in a hyperbola m - n constant.A circle will knit as a circle not an ellipse, a square, a square not a rectangle and so one.A circle is multi-fold, whereas an ellipse has two-fold symmetry.The drawing elements of the program are vector-based, and concentrate on shapes, including boxes, polygons and ellipses.Folding of square, pentagon, ellipse, spider and tetrahedron.The circle is a special case of the ellipse in which the two axes are equal in length.Indeed, model-interpretive anaphors, unlike ellipses, do not require linguistic antecedents at all.
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