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ellipsisel‧lip‧sis /ɪˈlɪpsɪs/ noun (plural ellipses /-siːz/) technical  1 SL[countable, uncountable] when words are deliberately left out of a sentence, though the meaning can still be understood. For example, you may say ‘He’s leaving but I’m not’ instead of saying ‘He’s leaving but I’m not leaving’.2 [countable] the sign (...) used in writing to show that some words have deliberately been left out of a sentence
Examples from the Corpus
ellipsisIn other words, in ellipsis, an item is replaced by nothing.He remained where he was, slowly revolving to face me, a rotating star to my ellipsis of erratic wandering.There are also several instances of ellipsis.Indeed, in many cases it appears that the ellipsis is interpreted with reference to a content-based representation.
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