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elmelm /elm/ noun [countable, uncountable]  HBPa type of large tree with broad leaves, or the wood from this tree
Examples from the Corpus
elmHere were the hop fields, and elms and pines and cedars: the country of early settlement, rich and Europeanized.Today, half or more of our Arnerican elms have been killed.Because, said Williams, both elms and oysters have saturated their living space already.It is over there, by that giant elm.The dark gray elms stood against the sky like exposed nerves.The broomstick dipped and then dived towards a dark wood of tall elms and flew over the tops.Thus elm trees clone themselves to form entire copses, and we cloned Dolly from cultured mammary gland cells.The woods most used in construction were elm and ash, both very hard and durable.
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