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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelseelse /els/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 [used after words beginning with ‘some-’, ‘every-’, ‘any-’, and ‘no-’, and after question words] a) AND/ALSObesides or in addition to someone or something There’s something else I’d like to talk about as well. I’d like you to come, and anyone else who’s free. He was awake now, as was everyone else. Who else was at the party? ‘Two coffees, please.’ ‘Anything else?’ ‘No, thanks.’ Above all else (=more than any other things) she was seeking love. b) AND/ALSOused to talk about a different person, thing, place etc I’d like to live anywhere else but here. If I can’t trust you, who else can I trust?2 or else3 British English spokenONLY used after a question word to say that the thing, person, or place you have mentioned is the only one possible ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Waiting for you, what else?’4 what else can somebody do/say? if nothing else at nothing1(11), → be something else at something(9)GrammarThe possessive form of someone/anyone else is someone/anyone else’s: Don’t use someone else’s ideas.Nobody else’s cooking is as good as yours. Don’t say: someone’s else ideas | nobody’s else cooking
Examples from the Corpus
elseAndrea's obsessed with money -- she never thinks about anything else.It did not restrict corporate officials or anyone else, as individuals, from giving as much money as they liked.By belonging to Sophie, I began to feel as though I belonged to everyone else as well.What else can I get you?What about everyone else - ever been a mate, colleague, love-child of anyone who's ever played for us?Everyone else gets to go - why can't I?Go and play somewhere else. I'm trying to work.Failing all else, its feet will provide some indication of its ultimate adult size.Jamie's special. There's really no one else like him.She's wearing someone else's coat.There's nothing else to do.Is there anything else to eat?Clayton needs someone else to help him.Who else used to do it?Henry complains of her talking to some one else while dancing with him and compares a country dance to a marriage.Anything else would have been inappropriate.Above all elseMost important of all, it put him beyond the law. Above all else, Ellwood hated weakness.I really didn't want that. Above all else I didn't want that.Clear use of colour is also important. Above all else, the chart should: 1.
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