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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelsewhereelse‧where /elsˈweə, ˈelsweə $ ˈelswer/ ●●● S3 W2 adverb  PLACEin, at, or to another place She is becoming famous in Australia and elsewhere. Kerala has less crime and alcoholism than elsewhere in India.
Examples from the Corpus
elsewhereI was glad to hear the accent, for it reminded me of my exciting days in Northern Ireland, recounted elsewhere.Such politically engaged postmodernism is rarer in Britain than elsewhere.He'll work as a freelance consultant, unless he finds a better job elsewhere.Make your home difficult to get into, and burglars will go elsewhere.Firms in those countries become the world leaders and begin to export as rising incomes spur demand elsewhere.Given that the workplace by itself provides so little as a basis for solidarity, we have to look elsewhere.Not that my food supply seems worse than elsewhere, but less and less does it seem better.Its members can do things considered unacceptable elsewhere in our culture.Prices continue to rise in Moscow and elsewhere in the country.Elsewhere in the region, conditions are significantly better.At least some of the drop in wholesale prices has started showing up elsewhere on the West Coast.In North America and Europe, cats are companions for many people. Elsewhere, they are not regarded as pets.Alterations to one element of the Marketing Mix can have repercussions within each category, or elsewhere within the Marketing Mix.
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