1 feeling nervous and uncomfortable and worrying about what people think of you, for example because you have to talk or sing in public, or because you have made a silly mistake:
Lori gets embarrassed if we ask her to sing.
He looked embarrassed when I asked him where he'd been.
very/deeply/highly/acutely embarrassed
Michelle was acutely embarrassed (=very embarrassed) at having to ask for money.
embarrassed smile/laugh/grin etc
Ken gave her an embarrassed grin.
There was an embarrassed silence.
embarrassed to do something
He was embarrassed to admit making a mistake.
embarrassed about/at
I felt embarrassed about how untidy the house was.

financially embarrassed

having no money or having debts
WORD FOCUS: embarrassed WORD FOCUS: embarrassed
similar words: uncomfortable, awkward, sheepish, red-faced

very embarrassed: mortified

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