1 [uncountable] the feeling you have when you are embarrassed
embarrassment at
She suffered extreme embarrassment at not knowing how to read.
He could not hide his embarrassment at his children's rudeness.
to somebody's embarrassment
To her embarrassment, she couldn't remember his name.
2 [countable] an event that causes a government, political organization etc problems, and makes it look bad
embarrassment to/for
The allegations have been an acute embarrassment (=serious and severe embarrassment) to the Prime Minister.
The scandal was a further source of embarrassment to the government.
3 [countable] someone who behaves in a way that makes you feel ashamed, nervous, or uncomfortable
embarrassment to
Tim's drinking has made him an embarrassment to the whole family.

financial embarrassment

debts or a lack of money that causes problems for you

an embarrassment of riches

so many good things that it is difficult to decide which one you want

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