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emergency services

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emergency serviceseˈmergency ˌservices noun [plural]  British EnglishSSO official organizations such as the police or the fire service, that deal with crime, fires, and injuries
Examples from the Corpus
emergency servicesProtesters upset over the mayor's plans to close all but emergency services at D.C.The frantic driver was able to get out of his car and call emergency services on his mobile phone.Equally they were as well placed as anyone to know about the extent of the delays by the emergency services.Under the scheme, only vehicles carrying invalids or supporting the emergency services would be allowed into the centre.In addition, I should like to thank my right hon. and learned Friend for his well deserved tributes to the emergency services.The emergency services say it could cut vital minutes from the time it takes to respond to a call.Rapid knock-down by the Wittering emergency services had the blaze out in seconds.
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