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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishemigrantem‧i‧grant /ˈemɪɡrənt/ noun [countable]  LEAVE YOUR HOME/COUNTRYsomeone who leaves their own country to live in anotherimmigrant
Examples from the Corpus
emigrantHowever, this had its dangers, and it was several weeks before an emigrant from Earth could adapt to it.In addition, there is no guarantee that the assisted emigrants will not return to their communities after a short period.But the number of emigrants forced the introduction of booking systems, although a booked passage did not guarantee comfort.The old school, the original emigrants, were mostly gone.Prices are spiralling, the economy is contracting and jobs are disappearing even faster than the emigrants are leaving.The emigrants dissolve their pasts in labour, in blurred decades where memory is functionless.
From Longman Business Dictionaryemigrantem‧i‧grant /ˈemɪgrənt/ noun [countable] someone who leaves their own country to live permanently in another countrythe 1830s, when a tide of emigrants left Europe for Australia compare immigrant
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