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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishémigréém‧i‧gré /ˈeməɡreɪ/ noun [countable] formal  someone who leaves their own country to live in another, usually for political reasons Russian émigrés living in Paris
Examples from the Corpus
émigréMany Cuban émigrés have made Miami their home.Greene chose the life of an émigré, had an austere dedication to the life of the writer, avoided all publicity.Keeping contact with émigré groups and so on.Much of the early work on the revolution carried out in the West was by émigré victims of the Bolshevik victory.She remembered reading a biography of a Tsarist émigré after the Revolution and the phrase came back to her.They drew upon the émigré press and upon a steady flow of western social, political, economic and scientific works.
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