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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheminentlyem‧i‧nent‧ly /ˈemɪnəntli/ adverb formal  VERYcompletely and without a doubt – use this to show approval syn highly Woods is eminently suitable for the job.
Examples from the Corpus
eminentlyThis seems eminently human, if for no other reason than that people fall in love and want to trust each other.In its usage of the real or referent as signifier, surrealism eminently illustrated de-differentiated signification.There was just something eminently likeable about him.There were no eulogies, only mourners eminently qualified to have given them.These suppositions may strike those of us who are attracted by empiricism as eminently reasonable.This seems eminently sensible, and indeed studies indicate that this approach can work best for some people.From the flute is eminently suited to quiet melodic work, florid or otherwise.eminently suitableVenus could not object to a goddess for her daughter-in-law; the alliance had become eminently suitable.He thought I would be eminently suitable as a wife.It is a doctrine eminently suitable for a nation overwhelmingly populated by sheep.Experiments over the centuries resulted in the predominance of the Cheviot breed with a fleece eminently suitable for finer grades of cloth.Indeed, the reasonably quick and informal procedure of industrial tribunals is eminently suitable for most cases.The dish was also eminently suitable for service in a restaurant, good to look at and practical to assemble.He remembered a certain dark-haired servant, one who had seemed eminently suitable for several weeks.The cavern was eminently suitable for the work intended for it.
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