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emissaryem‧is‧sa‧ry /ˈeməsəri $ -seri/ noun (plural emissaries) [countable]  PGOsomeone who is sent with an official message or to do official work syn envoy Japan is sending two emissaries to Washington to discuss trade issues.
Examples from the Corpus
emissaryHe hardly lived up to his Dullesian billing as an emissary of Satan.An emissary would be permitted to leave Berwick to apprise the so-called Regent of this arrangement.She was convinced that sailors and tourists she saw were his emissaries, sent to proclaim his love for her.Harassed by James's emissaries, Paul at last returns to Jerusalem, where a full-scale dispute ensues.After the emissaries had gone, he sat thinking for a long time.But instead of exploring a deal, Park had the emissary arrested and executed.The emissary of the Barbeques had tailed Mitchell as far as the top of the beach and hesitated to come closer.Valery Tikhinya, 56, was one such unlikely emissary.
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