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emotionale‧mo‧tion‧al /ɪˈməʊʃənəl $ ɪˈmoʊ-/ ●●● S3 W3 adjective  1 [only before noun]MP relating to your feelings or how you control them She provided emotional support at a very distressing time for me. Ann suffered from depression and a number of other emotional problems. the physical and emotional state of the patient2 EMOTIONALmaking people have strong feelings Abortion is a very emotional issue. The funeral was a very emotional experience for all of us.3 having strong feelings and showing them to other people, especially by cryingget/become emotional He became very emotional when we had to leave.4 EMOTIONALinfluenced by what you feel, rather than what you know an emotional response to the problememotionally adverb Nursing is an emotionally and physically demanding job.THESAURUSMeaning 2: making people have strong feelingscausing strong feelingsemotional causing people to have strong feelings – used especially about experiences, speeches, or subjects that people have strong feelings aboutReturning home after a year in hospital was an emotional experience for Katy.He gave an emotional speech at the funeral.It was a very emotional moment.Abortion rights is a highly emotional issue.emotive used about issues or language that make people have strong feelingsFox hunting is a very emotive issue in Britain.‘Indoctrination’ is rather an emotive word.moving making you feel strong feelings of sadness or sympathyKelly’s book about her illness is deeply moving.a moving filmtouching making you feel slightly emotional – used especially when someone does something that shows how much they care about another personYour loyalty is very touching.My son phoned me to wish me good luck, which was a touching gesture. poignant making you feel strong feelings of sadness or pity, especially when you remember something in the pastHer youthful expression is a poignant reminder of the passing of time.sentimental (also schmaltzy) informal dealing with emotions such as love and sadness in a way that seems sillyHe found the film too sentimental.a schmaltzy comedy
Examples from the Corpus
emotionalRather, their thinking denotes a permanent shift in both the emotional and intellectual temper of the age.Crystal still has to adjust to the collegiate game, which is more emotional and physical.The string section repeatedly cut through his fraught baritone with great sheets of emotional counterpoint.We have the freedom to be open about our feelings that comes with an emotional crisis.The council's vote came after nearly six hours of emotional debate.Ann suffered from a number of emotional disturbances.Still others have found themselves trapped in a horrendous and expensive quagmire of political, emotional, financial and legal issues.It was an emotional game for all of us.He's an emotional guy.In an emotional outburst, Shahidi told reporters she now had no life worth living.The busing plan got an emotional response from the community.Newspaper reporters were there to record the emotional reunion between the woman and her children.Of course, what this ignores are the often huge emotional sacrifices that the individual who becomes a tax exile must make.An attractive hypothesis is that the activity of this region in man and monkey is related to emotional speech, especially expletives.Leaving children behind may put an emotional strain on the family.Most couples remember the arrival of their first baby as a highly emotional time.Grandpa gets very emotional when he talks about the war.emotional supportPersonality based depression happens to people with poor self-image, or to some one who is heavily dependent on others for emotional support.These fledglings were reluctant to turn to their bosses for general advice or emotional support.Reluctance to ask for emotional support from either relatives or friends. 6.It's an emotional support from my boyfriend, sister, father.Finally, the managers received critical emotional support from peers.They will be an important emotional support group as you head out into the difficult world of the self-employed.In certain situations, the continuous emotional support may have a deeper therapeutic effect.Volunteers need greater counselling skills and better personal emotional support than ever before.emotional issueAnd abortion is a very volatile, emotional issue.Often that's an emotional issue; are these emotions worth it?Rough, because of the emotional issues of separation and abandonment and being uprooted.Topocide is an emotional issue; quantitative research procedures were clearly inappropriate.Physician-assisted suicide, one of the most emotional issues this term, will be argued before the high court in January.get/become emotionalShe stands there looking up at Jody and feeling herself get emotional.Everybody gets emotional and excited about him coming back, then he gets another problem and quits.Most advertising works by trying to get emotional buy-in; occasionally, by providing information.To get emotional enough to become engaged.Other kids will notice and tease them.-If they become emotional in front of others, just say you understand.But I had made up my mind that I must not get emotional, so I hid all my feelings.People tend to become emotional when the subject of the ordination of women is raised.emotional responseDepending upon this determination, we develop appropriate emotional responses.But the androids have developed their own emotional responses and therefore they suffer as the humans do.Irony is used here to mock an emotional response, identified as always female, always stupid.One question in the survey concerned the emotional responses of people to the mentally handicapped.Organizational fears are emotional responses to core beliefs.The characters have a heightened and highly emotional response to events, actions and sentiments.But the emotional response to his death has gone beyond the standard mourning of a pop idol.This intuitive emotional response to spirals happens because of the Sun and Moon, and what they mean in our lives.
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