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emplacementem‧place‧ment /ɪmˈpleɪsmənt/ noun [countable]  PMWa place where a large gun is put and fired a gun emplacement
Examples from the Corpus
emplacementA bellows emplacement had survived just in front of the fire box of the south-eastern furnace.a cannon emplacementAt the other extreme of cost is drilled emplacement.Volcanicity and magma emplacement, largely in the form of large granite intrusions, characterize the volcanic arc.This was the major period of emplacement of granite intrusions which resulted in the growth of the Western Cordillera.Thousands of Union men were set to digging entrenchments and preparing emplacements for siege guns.Hydrothermal alteration and mineralisation continued for up to 30 Ma after the emplacement of the intrusions at about 400 Ma.However, the emplacement vessel or platform would need to be highly sophisticated - perhaps a larger version of the Glomar Explorer.In other cases, generating a demand requires the emplacement of an infrastructure of maintenance for the successful adoption of innovations.
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