em‧ploy‧ment S1 W1 [uncountable]
1 the condition of having a paid job:
She was offered employment in the sales office.
terms and conditions of employment
employment opportunities/prospects
The employment prospects for science graduates are excellent.
Steve's still looking for full-time employment.
the needs of women who combine paid employment and care for their families
in employment
21.7% of all those in employment were in part-time jobs.
2BEC the act of paying someone to work for you
employment of
Mexican law prohibits the employment of children under 14.
3 the number of people who have jobs [≠ unemployment]:
Nationwide employment now stands at 95%.
full employment (=a situation in which everyone has a job)
Many economists consider full employment an unrealistic goal.
4 formal the use of a particular object, method, skill etc to achieve something
employment of
Was the employment of force justified?

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