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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishemptinessemp‧ti‧ness /ˈemptinəs/ noun [uncountable]  1 ALONEa feeling of great sadness and loneliness She felt an emptiness in her heart when he left.2 NONE/NOTHINGwhen there is nothing or nobody in a placeemptiness of the silence and emptiness of the desert
Examples from the Corpus
emptinessWe left Lincoln tied to a water pipe in the concrete emptiness of the backyard.A lot of people have a sort of emptiness in their lives.He describes the suffering, emptiness, abandonment and loneliness that he is experiencing.Or perhaps it was that recollection, however poignant, was better than emptiness.His parishioners applauded more out of charity than conviction, and the emptiness of the ovation embarrassed both speaker and audience alike.After that they made better progress and managed to slip undetected out into the emptiness.The emptiness in which all things revolve is blue, she went on, in her half-waking state.Some vast emptiness seemed to drive him on, a craving for warmth and reassurance.emptiness ofMost tourists are awed by the barren emptiness of the Mojave Desert.
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