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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishempty-handedˌempty-ˈhanded adjective  NONE/NOTHINGwithout getting what you hoped or expected to getreturn/come back etc empty-handed I spent all morning looking for a suitable present, but came home empty-handed.
Examples from the Corpus
empty-handedHearing police sirens in the distance, the robber was forced to leave the bank empty-handed.After a great deal of hunting around with flashlights, the plain-clothes policemen were forced to go away empty-handed.Mandru's agent had been outbid, however, and he'd been reluctant to return home empty-handed.She banged his head on the till and slammed the drawer on his hand, before he ran off almost empty-handed.The day will end with a prize draw, but no-one will go home empty-handed.Forty minutes later he was still empty-handed and beginning to panic.More often than not he came back to his apartment empty-handed and crestfallen.Unusually, the martial art of kali teaches the use of weapons first and empty-handed techniques last.return/come back etc empty-handedI watched as he raced the length of the yard and came back empty-handed.Soon, Banjo comes back empty-handed.He came back empty-handed, then set off again with his son.
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