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emue‧mu /ˈiːmjuː/ noun (plural emus or emu) [countable]  emu.jpg HBBa large Australian bird that can run very fast but cannot fly
Examples from the Corpus
emuIt is delightful to imagine Gould being invited in among the thatched huts to watch the famous emu dance.So let me emus go loose.Let me emus go loose, Lou.You can get a pair of emus these days for as little as $ 500.Other hatchings of interest were two straw-necked ibis, three scarlet ibis, three rhea and three emu.
EMUEMU /ˌiː em ˈjuː, ˈiːmjuː/  (Economic and Monetary Union) a single economic system and a single currency (=type of money) for all the members of the eu. Since the late 1990's, many EU countries, including France and Germany, have introduced a single currency, the Euro. There is often discussion in the UK about whether the UK should join the system or keep its own currency, the pound. MaastrichtFrom Longman Business DictionaryEMUEMU /ˈiːmjuː/ noun [uncountable]FINANCECOMMERCEBANKING European Monetary Union or Economic and Monetary Union; the use by many EUROPEAN UNION countries of the same currency, the EURO, starting in 1999 for payments between banks and companies and in 2002 for the general public, when coins and BANKNOTEs were made available
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