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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishencouragingen‧cour‧ag‧ing /ɪnˈkʌrədʒɪŋ $ ɪnˈkɜːr-/ ●●○ S3 adjective  CONFIDENTHOPEgiving you hope and confidence syn reassuring opp discouraging The encouraging news is that typhoid is on the decrease. The signs are encouraging — but there’s a long way to go.encouragingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
encouragingHis condition after the surgery looks very encouraging.So far the results of our tests have been very encouraging.But their presumptive reasoning has not led to encouraging conclusions.It was an encouraging day for everyone.Developing a market for it as a fuel is seen as encouraging energy-intensive farm systems.The doctor had some encouraging news -- I would soon be able to walk again.They were encouraging Nigel and Henry with cheerful cries.There are encouraging signs, however.There are one or two more encouraging signs in the economy now.It is encouraging to see his experience recognised internationally.These parents are notable for encouraging verbal give-and-take, and share with the child the reasoning behind their policy.encouraging newsMrs. Gorman I thank my hon. Friend for that encouraging news.This was the second time I had been given encouraging news about my progress.There was less encouraging news for Coyle last night; young striker Brian McCarron broke his leg in a freak training accident.There is at least some encouraging news for him on this front.The encouraging news for Kantner and Palmer is the league in which they will work.The people of the North, almost desperate for encouraging news, hailed it as a great one.But hardly had Harry finished imparting this encouraging news when Miriam returned, her face showing deep concern.
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