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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishencyclopedicen‧cy‧clo‧pe‧dic (also encyclopaedic British English) /ɪnˌsaɪkləˈpiːdɪk◂/ adjective  INFORMATIONhaving a lot of knowledge or information about a particular subject an encyclopedic knowledge of medieval literature
Examples from the Corpus
encyclopedicHe excelled particularly in the natural sciences, in which his knowledge was described as encyclopedic.That choice makes the book eclectic rather than encyclopedic.I had thought that Jasper, who was encyclopedic about so many things, would know what a nucleotide is.Anyway, there's a bit of a lull at the moment before I start helping out with the encyclopedic dictionary.Expanded entry giving extra encyclopedic information 2.Haspiel has an encyclopedic knowledge of baseball.Hoffman possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Precambrian continental geology.Eleven appendices packed with valuable cross-curricular and cultural information. ... to the world's first encyclopedic learner's dictionary!It was an encyclopedic work, setting out the concept of a universal language as a comprehensive taxonomic structure.encyclopedic knowledgeMany have expansive interests and encyclopedic knowledge.Hoffman possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Precambrian continental geology.On the plus side, there is the encyclopedic knowledge of the subject at hand.
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