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end result

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishend resultˌend reˈsult noun [countable usually singular]  RESULTthe final result of a process or activity If tasks are too challenging, the end result is that learners are discouraged.
Examples from the Corpus
end resultWith brute force techniques ... they do achieve about the same end result as we do with much more sophisticated techniques.And the end result is really rather good.The causes of incontinence may vary, but the end result is nearly always the same.Despite all our efforts, the end result was a product that no one could use.In this example the end result is five layers, two containing salt fingers and three with isothermal concentration-driven convection.No matter how he strutted and screamed, the end result was more like watching performance art than hearing a concert.The end result is a little like leaving your headlights on all night and expecting the car to start in the morning.The end result is a music in which rhythm and pattern dominate.The end result of evolution through man's desire was to produce a sexually mature wolf pup.
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