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end user

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishend userˈend ˌuser noun [countable]  USE/CONSUMEthe person who uses a particular product, rather than the people who make or develop it
Examples from the Corpus
end userEach of these organisations is, to a greater or a lesser extent, involved in transferring technology to an end user.Forms provide the means to collect and act on data entered by the end user.Engineers have to be able to write things the end user can understand.Here familiarization can be partially achieved by conducting a reference interview with the end user.The end user must have an Internet browser capable of accepting and playing the applet.
From Longman Business Dictionaryend userˌend ˈuser (also end-user)MARKETING the person who actually uses a particular product or service, rather than someone involved in its production or saleEnd users used to get very little say in what software they got.The company is examining the feasibility of retail outlets or catalogues, instead of selling direct to the end-user as in the past. user
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