2 verb
end2 S1 W1
1 [intransitive and transitive] if a situation or activity ends, or if someone or something ends it, it finishes or stops [≠ start, begin]:
World War II ended in 1945.
talks aimed at ending the conflict
end by doing something
I'd like to end by inviting questions from the audience.
end with
The festival will end with a spectacular laser show.
2 [transitive] literary to spend the last part of your life in a particular place or doing a particular thing:
He ended his days in prison.
She seemed destined to end her days living alone.

end your life/end it all

to kill yourself

the ... to end all ...

used to describe something that is the best, most important, or most exciting of its kind:
the movie with the car chase to end all car chases

the year/week etc ending something

used to refer to the year etc that ends on a particular date:
the financial results for the year ending 31 Dec 2001

end in something

phrasal verb
1 to finish in a particular way:
One in three marriages ends in divorce.

it'll (all) end in tears

British English spoken used to say that something will have a bad result or not be successful

end up

phrasal verb
to be in a particular situation, state, or place after a series of events, especially when you did not plan it:
He came round for a coffee and we ended up in bed together.
I wondered where the pictures would end up after the auction.
end up doing something
Most slimmers end up putting weight back on.
end up with
Anyone who swims in the river could end up with a nasty stomach upset.
end up as
He could end up as President.
end up like
I don't want to end up like my parents.

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