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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishendlessend‧less /ˈendləs/ ●●○ adjective  1 very large in amount, size, or number an endless stream of visitors The possibilities are endless. He’s been in a lot of trouble – drugs, guns, blackmail – the list is endless.2 CONTINUOUSsomething that is endless seems to continue forever an endless round of boring meetingsendlessly adverb This city is endlessly fascinating.
Examples from the Corpus
endlessThe possibilities for the use of plastics seems endless.For at least a month before Christmas we were subjected to an endless barrage of ads for fattening festive foods.The huge structures have endless corridors, barren hallways like tunnels that turn back upon themselves, leading nowhere.The self of a thermostat system has endless internal bickering about whether to turn the furnace up or down.Initially, Ishmael is completely optimistic about this endless journey, affirming both the motion and the endless uncertainty associated with it.We had to sit through endless meetings.But to us, the swamp was a place of endless mystery and magic.At Cambridge he was always the centre of a circle of friends, willing accomplices in his endless schemes and parties.When not trying to match his 15-hour days, they regale each other with endless stories about his idiosyncrasies and absent-mindedness.One effect on the rest of us will be that we cause ourselves endless trouble by losing them.endless stream ofShe had an endless stream of admirers, and I was jealous of all of them.He was great company anyway, with an endless stream of anecdotal experience.He takes great trouble over a seemingly endless stream of difficulties.His life is an endless stream of interviews and news conferences, often back to back.The endless stream of parties, dinners and galas all seemed to draw from the same guest list.Heriot's forwards tore into the game and won an endless stream of possession which their backs used superbly.An endless stream of proposals had poured in for the £20 million a year it had to dispense.An endless stream of self-powered ants can be sent up to the end of the cable with no further power input whatsoever!endless round ofPeople who do so condemn themselves to an endless round of debate over something they can never achieve.It saves me getting involved in all that endless round of relatives.
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