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endocrineen‧do‧crine /ˈendəʊkrɪn $ -doʊ-/ adjective  medicalHBH relating to the system in your body that produces hormones the endocrine glands
Examples from the Corpus
endocrineSubtler methods of modifying endocrine balance continued to be explored.In association with endocrine cell hyperplasia, gastric carcinoid tumours have been observed in 1-7% of pernicious anaemia patients screened by gastroscopy.Patients underwent gastric endoscopy with biopsy specimens taken for determination of the histological endocrine cell status.The result was that the babies with analgesia had much reduced postoperative endocrine changes, fewer complications and earlier recovery.Dizziness may be a part of the symptomatology of endocrine disease.Our Stolen Future, the book you co-authored on endocrine disruptors, has been hailed as the second Silent Spring.an endocrine glandThe endocrine glands secrete behavior-regulating hor-mones directly into the bloodstream.Your endocrine system also keeps you in balance and maintains your readiness to respond to internal and external stressors.
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