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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishenduranceen‧dur‧ance /ɪnˈdjʊərəns $ ɪnˈdʊr-/ noun [uncountable]  STRONG PERSONthe ability to continue doing something difficult or painful over a long period of timephysical/mental endurance She was pushed beyond her powers of endurance. The marathon is a test of endurance.endurance sports/training (=designed to test or improve your endurance)
Examples from the Corpus
enduranceNot for pretty reasons but for energy and endurance and to be sharp.The people showed great courage, patience, and endurance during the long years of the war.Grant continues: It was a case of Southern dash against Northern pluck and endurance...And rowing is ideal for building stamina and endurance.Swimming helps to increase your strength and endurance.But the resistance is pegged to stimulate toning and endurance, not strength, Kraemer said.Most of us with children can understand the frustration of a parent, driven beyond endurance, who hits out.At the end, all women were checked for changes in endurance and strength.The expeditions behind enemy lines were a tremendous test of one's endurance and nerves.Normality should be our aim too, but spartan endurance in the face of pain is not the answer.The triathlon is the ultimate endurance test.As soon as you set a limit to your endurance, you are lost.physical/mental enduranceStrength and physical endurance would rocket as blood surged around their systems with unprecedented vigour.Caffeine has long been used to increase physical endurance, in both humans and animals.It takes them to the limits of physical endurance, then asks for more.Now that was a feat of ability, patience and sheer physical endurance.
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