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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishenergeticen‧er‧get‧ic /ˌenəˈdʒetɪk◂ $ -ər-/ ●●○ AWL adjective  ENERGETIChaving or needing a lot of energy or determination an energetic man an energetic drive to get more customersenergetic in doing something We need to be more energetic in promoting ourselves abroad.energetically /-kli/ adverb He fought energetically against apartheid.THESAURUSenergetic having a lot of energyIf you’re feeling energetic, we could go out for a run.full of energy/bursting with energy energetic and ready to work hard or do a lot of thingsI admire her because she’s so full of energy and enthusiasm.When she first started at the college she was bursting with energy and full of new ideas. dynamic very energetic and always wanting to do new thingsWhat this country needs is a dynamic new leader.hyperactive having more energy than is normal or good, because you cannot keep still or quiet for very long – used especially about childrenOur youngest daughter was hyperactive, and it had a damaging effect on the whole family.tireless working with a lot of energy in a determined way, especially to achieve a particular thingShe was a tireless campaigner against apartheid in South Africa.full of beans informal feeling energetic and happy and showing this in the way you behaveHe’s one of those people who leap out of bed full of beans every morning.
Examples from the Corpus
energeticMeticulous about their appearance, their relaxation is active but not energetic.She parks the Cherokee and bounds over, tall and energetic.A mini-bus operates to and from the town three times a day although car hire is recommended for the less energetic.The club has the support of an energetic and enthusiastic management committee.Many families who get into difficulties have been struggling with problems that would daunt the most energetic and resourceful of people.Followers feel energetic, confident, and never more alive.Pete was lying on his bed, resting after an energetic game of tennis.Captain Nagumo was a capable, intelligent, and energetic officer.How did I recognize that energetic pair?I don't feel like doing anything very energetic this evening. I've had a tiring day.If you're feeling energetic, we could go out for a run.My mother was a bustling, energetic woman.He needs energetic wooing in order to be pulled into the world.energetic in doing somethingOpposing lines - the cross A vertical line is highly energetic in its defiance of gravity.
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