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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishenforceren‧forc‧er /ɪnˈfɔːsə $ -ˈfɔːrsər/ noun [countable]  someone whose job is to make sure people do the things they should a law enforcer an enforcer for a drugs gang
Examples from the Corpus
enforcerAs Hospital Warrant Officer, he is a fair but firm advocate and enforcer of Service traditions and discipline.It transforms the police officer from an investigator and enforcer into a catalyst in a process of community self-help.Edmonton enforcer Kelly Buchberger scored twice in last night's game.Even so, marriage is hardly a foolproof enforcer of monogamy.The prison system became, by default, a major enforcer of repression.As a proactive enforcer a field man must always be prepared for the unexpected.But the real enforcers seem to be the fans, for whom the masked wrestlers are a major focus of fantasy.Ironically, the sublime progress of Knight and Singh left little time for the real enforcers.When the dust settles, we are the enforcers, the last line of law.
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