1 if two people are engaged, they have agreed to marry:
Have you heard? Sally and Ray are getting engaged.
engaged to
Kate's engaged to Mark.
2 British English if you call someone on the telephone and their line is engaged, they are already speaking to someone else [= busy American English]
She rang Mrs Tavett but the line was engaged.
engaged tone/signal (=the sound you hear when the phone is engaged)
3 British English written a public toilet that is engaged is being used [≠ vacant]

be otherwise engaged

formal to be unable to do something because you are doing something else
WORD FOCUS: married WORD FOCUS: married
single not married
if you are divorced, you have officially ended your marriage to someone
if you are engaged to be married, you have formally agreed to marry someone in the future
if you are widowed, your husband or wife has died
be living together
to be living as a couple in the same house without being married
formal the person you are married to
your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend
marital status
whether you are single or married - used on official forms

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