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before marriage

[countable] an agreement between two people to marry, or the period of time they are engaged
engagement of/to
Their engagement was announced in the paper.
Tony was stunned when Lisa suddenly broke off their engagement (=finished it).
engagement ring (=a ring that a man gives a woman to show that they are engaged)

arrangement to do something

[countable] an official arrangement to do something, especially one that is related to your work
official/public/royal etc engagement
The princess will continue to carry out royal engagements.
This is his only public speaking engagement on the tour.
His excuse of a prior engagement was accepted.


[uncountable] when you become involved with someone or something in order to understand them
engagement with/in
a strategy of engagement and cooperation with China
Many students pass without any real engagement in learning.


[uncountable and countable] technical fighting between armies etc:


[uncountable and countable] formal an official arrangement to employ or pay someone to do a particular job:
Please sign to indicate your acceptance of the terms of engagement.

machine parts

[uncountable]TE the fitting together of the working parts of a machine

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