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absenceab‧sence W3 J3 /ˈæbsəns/ []  1 C, U 不在, 留守, 欠席, 欠勤Jim finally returned to work after a long absence. ジムは長期の欠勤のあと, やっと仕事に復帰した.She had not even phoned to explain her absence. 彼女は欠勤の理由を知らせる電話さえかけなかった. in / during somebody’s absencewhile someone is away <人>の不在中にMs Simpson will be in charge during my absence. 私の不在中はシンプソンが担当します.absence fromthe reasons for his absence from school 彼が学校を欠席する理由 unauthorized absencewhen someone is away from school, work, etc, without having official permission 無断欠席[欠勤] 2 U 欠如, 欠乏absence ofa total absence of information 情報の完全な欠如a complete absence of any kind of planning いかなる計画も皆無なこと in the absence of somethingin a situation in which something is not provided or does not exist <…>がない場合はIn the absence of any evidence, the claim cannot be verified. 何の証拠もなければ,その主張は立証できない.成句 absence makes the heart grow fonder conspicuous by your absence leave of absence