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accidentac‧ci‧dent S2 W2 J1 /ˈæksədənt, -ˌdent ǁ -dənt/ []  1 C 交通事故, 事故I saw three accidents on my way home. 家に帰る途中で3回も事故を見た. an accident happens / occurs 事故が起こるThe accident happened at a major highway junction. その事故は主要幹線道路の合流点で起きた. have an accidentbe involved in a crash 事故にあう, 事故を起こす2Have you ever had (×met) an accident? 今までに交通事故にあったことはありますか.Don’t say 'meet an accident'. You can say meet with an accident, though this phrase is typically used in literary descriptions. In ordinary English you normally say You can also say This is typically used in news reports.「事故にあう」の意味で meet an accident は不可. have an accident または be in an accident などを用いる. また,She’s been involved in an accident. は主に報道で用いられる表現.ǁ in an accident (交通)事故でHer husband was killed in an accident two years ago. 彼女の夫は2年前に交通事故で亡くなった. a car / traffic / road accidenta crash involving one or more vehicles 自動車[交通, 交通]事故 a fatal accidentan accident in which someone is killed 死亡事故 accident victim 事故の犠牲者, 事故の死傷者 2 C (不慮の) 事故, 災難Most accidents happen in the home. ほとんどの事故は家庭で起こる.Mrs. Jones, there’s been a small accident and your daughter is in the hospital. ジョーンズさん, ちょっとした事故があってお宅のお嬢さんは病院にいます. have an accidentan accident happens to you 事故にあうKen had an accident at work and was taken to hospital. ケンは仕事中に事故にあって病院に運ばれた. a freak accidentan accident involving very unusual coincidences 巡り合わせの悪い事故, 不運な事故 a tragic accidenta bad accident with very sad results—usually someone’s death 悲惨な事故 a climbing / hunting / mining accidentan accident that happens during a particular activity 登山[狩猟, 採掘](中の)事故 a nuclear / chemical accidentan accident involving nuclear materials or chemicals 原子力事故[化学災害]   3 C 偶然の出来事, 思いがけない出来事, 偶発事件My third pregnancy was an accident. 3度目の妊娠は思いがけない事だった.He continues to claim that the shooting was an accident. 発砲は偶然起こったことだと彼は主張し続けている. it was an accident 偶然だった, わざとじゃなかったDon’t blame yourself – it was an accident. 自分を責めるなよ. あれは偶然だったんだ. it is no accident 偶然ではない an accident of birth / history / evolution 生まれ合わせ[歴史の巡り合わせ, 進化の偶然]によるもの成句 accidents (will) happen it’s an accident waiting to happen by accident have an accident類語accident は「不慮の出来事」,つまり「事故」の意He had an accident on the way home from work. 彼は会社からの帰宅途中に事故にあった.event は「重要な,またはおもしろい出来事」を指すa novel based on a historical event 歴史上の出来事に基づいた小説incident は通例,好ましくない「小事件」をいうA strange incident occurred on that day. その日おかしな事件があった.