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acclaimac‧claim1 /əˈkleɪm/ []U  称賛, 絶賛 win / receive acclaim 称賛を得る[浴びる]Gail’s artwork has won her international acclaim. ゲイルの芸術作品は世界じゅうで称賛されている. public / popular acclaima situation in which a lot of people praise something 世間の称賛 to great / much acclaim 絶賛されて critical acclaimpraise from theater, art, music, or literature critics 批評家の絶賛The movie won critical acclaim, and eventually won the Golden Globe Award. その映画は批評家に絶賛され, 結局ゴールデングローブ賞に輝いた.
acclaimacclaim2 []他通例受け身形でフォーマル  …を称賛する, ほめたたえるHer last play was acclaimed by the critics as a masterpiece. 彼女の最新の芝居は批評家に傑作だと称賛された.
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