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accommodationac‧com‧mo‧da‧tion J4 /əˌkɑːməˈdeɪʃən ǁ əˌkɔm-/ []2Take care when spelling this word.スペリングに注意ǁ  1 accommodationsC (accommodation ともU) 宿泊(設備), 収容施設Guest artists have to pay for their own accommodations and meals. ゲスト出演のアーティストは宿泊と食事の費用を自己負担しなければならない.This is your chance to win free hotel accommodations in San Diego. サン・ディエゴのホテルの無料宿泊券が当たるチャンスです. rented accommodationsomewhere you live and pay rent for 賃貸住宅 student accommodationa place for university students to live, usually provided by the university 学生寮 2 C, Uフォーマル 和解, 調停There needs to be more accommodation by both sides. 双方でもっと折り合いをつける必要がある. reach an accommodationcome to an agreement that satisfies everyone 和解する 同意 compromise
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