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accomplishmentac‧com‧plish‧ment /əˈkɑːmplɪʃmənt ǁ əˈkʌm-/ []  1 C, U 成果, 業績Three top businesswomen are being rewarded for their accomplishments. トップの女性経営者3人がその業績に対して賞を受けることになっている. a major / significant accomplishment 大きな[重要な]成果 2 U 達成, 成就accomplishment ofthe accomplishment of policy goals 政策目標の達成 a sense of accomplishmenta good feeling you get from accomplishing something 達成感Setting and achieving short-term goals can help give you a sense of accomplishment . 短期間の目標を決めてそれを達成すると達成感が得られる. 3 C, U 特技, 技巧Playing the piano is one of her many accomplishments. ピアノ演奏は彼女の数ある芸才の一つだ. somebody’s accomplishment in something <…>における<人>の特技John’s high level of accomplishment in judo ジョンの柔道における高度な技量
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