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according toacˈcording to S2 W1 J4 []  1 …によれば, …の話だとAccording to police reports, the violence began around midnight. 警察の発表によると,その暴力事件は夜中の12時ごろに発生したということだ.You still owe $235, according to our records. 当方の記録では,あなたにはまだ235ドルの負債があります.2According to her (×her opinion), the water is clean. 彼女によれば,その水はきれいだということだ.Don’t say 'according to his/her/their opinion', say according to him/her/them. You can only use 'according to' when talking about other people’s opinions. You cannot say If you want to use 'somebody’s opinion', you can say in his/her/their opinion. You can also say in my opinion although this may sound quite formal. The most neutral expression is I think...according to his/her/their opinion は不可. according to him/her/them または in his/her/their opinion (…の意見によれば)を用いる.また, according to は他人の意見に関してのみ用いるので, according to me は不可.通例 I think... を用いる. in my opinion (私の意見では)はややフォーマル. 2 …に応じて, …次第でYou will be paid according to the amount of work you do. 報酬は作業量に応じて支払われます.Funds are distributed according to need. 資金は必要に応じて分配される. 3 (計画・制度・規則などについて) …に従って, …どおりにThe game will be played according to rules laid down in 1992. その試合は1992年に定められたルールに従って行われる.成句 go according to plan
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