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accountac‧count1 S2 W1 J2 /əˈkaʊnt/ []  1 DESCRIPTION記述・話C (出来事などについての) 報告, 説明, 話There were several different accounts of the story in the newspapers. 新聞の記事にはいくつか違う話が載っていた.account ofTheir accounts of the accident differed only in minor details. その事故についての彼らの報告は些細ささい な点が違っているだけだった. give an account (of something) (<…>の)話をする, 報告をするHe was too shocked to give an account of what had happened. 彼はショックが大きくて何が起きたかを話すこともできなかった. an eyewitness accounta description of events by someone who saw them 目撃者の話 [証言] a firsthand accounta description of events by someone who saw or took part in them rather than a report based on books or newspapers 体験報告, 体験談 a blow-by-blow accounta description of all the details of an event in the order that they happened (順を追って述べた) 詳細な報告[話] 2 EXPLANATION説明C (過程・仕組みなどについての) 説明, 解説account ofa detailed account of how an engine works エンジンが動く仕組みを述べた詳しい説明Chomsky’s account of how children learn their first language 子どもがどのように第一言語を習得するかについてのチョムスキーの解説 3 AT A BANK銀行で C 口座My salary is paid directly into my account. 給料は私の口座に直接振り込まれる.I’d like to deposit this check into my account. この小切手を口座に預金したいのですが. a joint accountan account in the names of two or more people and shared by them 共同口座 open an accountstart having an account 口座を開く close an accountto stop having an account 口座を閉じる[解約する] account balance 預金残高account number 口座番号 bank account, checking account, current account, savings account 4 WITH A BUSINESS会社との C アカウント ((企業などのサービスを受けるための資格))an email account E メールアカウントa credit card account クレジットカードアカウント account balance 取引の残高, 勘定残高account number アカウントナンバー ((企業が顧客に割り振る番号)) 5 RECORD OF MONEY金銭の記録C通例複数形で 収支計算書, 帳簿The accounts for last year showed a profit of $2 million. 昨年度の帳簿では200万ドルの黒字であった.Keep an account of all income and expenditure. すべての収入と支出を帳簿につけなさい. profit and loss account
6 COMPANY DEPARTMENT会社の部門 accounts常に複数形で 経理部門, 会計部門Eileen works in accounts. アイリーンは経理部に勤務している.Send the forms to accounts. その伝票は経理部へ回してくれ. 7 WITH A STORE商店とのC 信用取引, クレジット(販売), 付けa Macy’s account メーシーズのクレジット販売 charge something to somebody’s accountrecord in someone’s account the cost of something which they will pay later <…>を<人>の付けにするCan you charge this to my account please? これは付けにしてください. 8 BILL請求書C 請求書, 勘定書 pay / settle your account 勘定を払う[清算する], 代金を払う[清算する]You must settle your account within 30 days. 30日以内に代金をお支払いください. 同意 bill 9 ARRANGEMENT TO SELL GOODS販売の取り決めC (商業上の) 取引 expense account成句 by / from all accounts by somebody’s own account call / bring somebody to account give a good / poor account of yourself of no / little account on account on account of something on somebody’s account on no account on that / this account on your own account settle accounts (with somebody) take account of something turn / put something to good account
accountaccount2 W2 J2  []句動詞 account for something
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