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accountableac‧count‧a‧ble J7 /əˈkaunəbəl ǁ -təbəl/ []名の前不可  be accountable for something <行動・判断など>に説明責任があるManagers must be accountable for their decisions. 経営者は自分の決断に説明責任を持たなければならない.  be accountable to somebodyto be in a position where you must justify your decisions and actions to someone else if necessary, because you are responsible for something <人>への説明責任があるIn a democracy, the government is accountable to the voters. 民主主義国家では政府は有権者への説明義務がある. hold somebody accountable (for something)to consider someone to be responsible for something (<…>に関して)<人>に説明責任を求めるaccountability []U アカウンタビリティ, 説明責任
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