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accurateac‧cu‧rate W3 J3 /ˈækjərɪt/ []  1 INFORMATION/DESCRIPTION情報・描写に関して <情報などが> 正確な, 事実に基づいたShe was able to give an accurate description of the gunman. 彼女はその銃撃犯について正確に説明することができた.a fair and accurate account of what happened 起きたことについての公正で正確な説明 reasonably / pretty / fairly accurate かなり正確なa pretty accurate assessment of the situation かなり正確な状況判断 not entirely / completely / strictly accurateliteral meaning is not accurate in every detail, but often this is used as a gentle way of saying that someone is wrong 厳密に正確とはいえない 反意 inaccurate 2 MEASUREMENT計測・計算などに関して <計算などが> 正確な, 正しいAre these figures accurate? これらの数字は正確ですか.The results are 100% accurate every time. 結果は常に100パーセント正確です. 反意 inaccurate 3 MACHINE器械に関して <計器などが> 精密な, 正確なAutomatic weighing machines are very accurate. 自動計量器はとても正確だ. highly accuratevery accurate 非常に正確なhighly accurate atomic clocks 非常に正確な原子時計 something is accurate to (within) somethingused to say that something is never wrong by more than a particular amount <…>は誤差<…>(以内)の正確さであるThe cutter is accurate to within 0.5 of a millimeter. その裁断機は誤差0.5ミリ以内で裁断できる. 反意 inaccurate 4 WELL-AIMED狙いに関して <ショットなどが> 正確な, 的をはずさないan accurate shot 正確なショット
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