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achievementa‧chieve‧ment W3 J2 /əˈtʃiːvmənt/ []  1 C 業績, 成果, 偉業Winning three gold medals is a remarkable achievement. 金メダル3つの獲得はすばらしい偉業だ.Putting a man on the moon was one of mankind’s greatest achievements. 人を月面に立たせたことは人類の最もすばらしい成果の一つだった. the crowning achievementthe greatest achievement in someone’s life or career (人生・経歴での) 最高の業績 2 U 達成, 成就standards of academic achievement 学習達成度の水準The award is for excellence in artistic achievement. その賞は芸術分野でのすぐれた業績に贈られる.achievement ofthe achievement of their goals 彼らの目標の達成 a sense / feeling of achievementa feeling of pride when you succeed in doing something difficult 達成感
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