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acidac‧id1 S3 J2 /ˈæsɪd/ []  1 化学C, U sulphuric acid 硫酸hydrochloric acid 塩酸 2 Uインフォーマル LSD, アシッド ((違法薬物))I’ve never taken acid. LSDはやったことがない. on acidif someone is on acid they have taken the drug and are experiencing its hallucinatory effects LSD による幻覚状態で acid trip LSD による幻覚状態
acidacid2 []  1 acid taste/flavorすっぱい味[風味] すっぱい, 酸味のあるThe medicine had an acid taste. その薬はすっぱい味がした. 同意 acidic 2 acid remark/comment手厳しい意見[批評]acid humor/wit辛らつなユーモア[ウイット] 辛辣しんらつ, 手厳しいan acid remark 手厳しい意見Dorothy Parker was known for her acid humor. ドロシー・パーカーは辛らつなユーモアで有名だった. an acid tongueif someone has an acid tongue, they often say bitter and unkind things that are often cruelly witty or humorous and are intended to upset another person 辛辣しんらつ な語り口, 手厳しい言葉遣い 3 専門acid soil酸性土壌 <土壌が> 酸性のBlueberry bushes need very acid soil. ブルーベリーの木は強い酸性の土壌が適する. acid rain成句 the acid test
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